Who We Are

About Us

BRFXtrade is the fastest-growing forex broker offering online trading services on the forex market. Since its foundation in 2009, the company
grew to become the industry-leading broker offering advanced technological solutions and high-end customer service. BRFXtrade provides
online trading services tailored to the clients' needs and expectations. Our clients are free to choose among various account types, trading
platforms, and analytical tools and receive the service they exactly require. BRFXtrade is committed to empowering people to invest, trade,
and achieve their financial goals in innovative and reliable environment.
More 50,000 customers
Across more than 190 countries of the world

Why Do Our Customers Choose Us?

  • The highest service quality for all account
    types: access to a personal account manager
    and support center via live chat, phone, and
  • Effective educational support: personal
    training, articles, video courses, and forex
  • Industry-leading technological solutions:
    MT5 Application and MT5 Web Platform
  • Access to trading 5 asset classes:
    currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, and
  • Convenient payment options: we accept
    credit cards and wire transfers.
  • Informational advantage: access to market
    analysis data via sophisticated trading

Our Mission

At BRFXtrade, we provide our clients with the industry-leading technological, educational, and support
solutions to help them maximize their profits.

Our Vision

BRFXtrade envisions itself as the leading forex broker and the financial partner of choice for traders worldwide.

Our Strategy

BRFXtrade is a fast-growing company committed to continuous development throughout every aspect of our
business. Our industry is quickly changing as new technology and new financial instruments emerge, and we
fully realize the necessity to respond to these challenges. At BRFXtrade, we strive to offer the most effective
technological solutions and provide our clients with personalized service and high-end trading experience.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction
At BRFXtrade, customer satisfaction is the top priority. We value our clients and focus on providing the best
service for every customer and for all account types.
BRFXtrade is a fast-growing company committed to continuous adoption of innovative technology and
improvement throughout every aspect of our business.
Respect lies in the core of our business. At BRFXtrade, we have respect for our customers, for each other, and
for ourselves. We seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients based on respect, trust, and integrity.
BRFXtrade is committed to reliability and security of its services. Our purpose is to provide our clients with
technologically sound trading environment to help them achieve their financial goals.
As a company with global reach, BRFXtrade values diversity. We recognize that our customers have diverse
cultural backgrounds, so we try to approach each customer with consideration of his or her language, values,
and cultural peculiarities.
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